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Jun 1, 2010

Comedic Downfalls of an Average Girl.

Don't ask why someone like me would write a blog.

I''m about as common as a rainy day in April... But I have the insane urge to blurt random memories or stories and what better place to do so then in the agonizingly endless storage of the internet.

I'm 18, a college student living on the east coast, (which sucks more than the feeling I get when there is nothing on television but the Wendy Williams show) also I'm in a ridiculously failed marriage. The only upside to my American dream of a life is that; I love life, and have enough humor to get me through the unbelievable moments in my life..

Currently I'm sporting my old high school gym shirt, my "husbands" workout shorts a pair of worn out tennishoes, a dilapidated ponytail that is sprawling with dark brown morning frizz curls... I just got back from jogging. Because I feel Im fat... I have an ED but show me a girl who doesn't these days..

I plan on doing nearly nothing today... Maybe meander around my large empty aparment or finish packing for my summer vacation.

So I'll write down all my crazy stories on here for the world to see.... An old friend of mine always said my life was too interesting to not know about and I find it all so humerous that it no longer embarasses me.. So tomorrow I'll start with the beginning and work my way into the juicy crap..

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