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Jun 1, 2010

Pretty Little Bones...

On my wrist there are pretty little bones, they match my ankles perfectly.
I haven't eaten in two days because I can't see my ribs anymore...

I spend all my time worrying about my looks and for as long as I can remember I always have.
When I was younger in grade school.. I was the only girl of color in my school.
I stuck out like Prius at a republican conservative party....
I was told something was wrong with me.

I was the skinniest girl in my class till sophomore year of high school.. Of which by that time I had relocated elsewhere and started a new school.

Fat Fat FAT... I felt gross. Every one was skinnier than me I could feel it.
I felt them look at me like I was a whale... my 105 pound frame was bursting at the seams.

I went weeks without eating... Sneak into my mom's cabinets and steal some diet pills... She was so doped up she didn't notice... at least not for awhile.

My mom was the first to call me chubby. She will never, ever understand how much I take to heart every damn word she says. If she disapproved of me I'd swallow a bottle of Tylenol, stop eating, work harder, be nicer, or cry myself to sleep.

My day: Take husband to, txt, go to the gym for a few hours, count calories.

" I can't eat anything!"

Look in the mirror.

"you're disgusting you know that"

Drink water, more water, more water... Not hungry anymore.. But I sure do have to piss!

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  1. You're posts are really funny...thanks for entertaining me :)