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Sep 28, 2010

Sticks and Bones

Sticks and Bones create my thrown high away from the floor.
It sit up here, high and clear...To starve myself some more.

So I'm sitting in bed, skipping Sociology class which started 6 mins ago.
I decided not to go since I have a fed ex package coming any second now and
I have a dental appointment soon. If you've been here since the first posts you
should now how much I love the dentist.
My dentist has the warmest hands.
Yea it's sexy.. lmao
I know I'm sick. Whatever.

I don't know how I did on my Statistics test but I don't care really since I have good grades.
Back to the dentist... So I'm having my four front teeth completely restored. Bye bye $350 bucks
( I have FANFUCKINGTASTIC dental insurance!) I have nearly fucked my four front teeth on the back because thats what purging does. 

Thin Talk
-I'm down to 133lbs.
-I have 17 more pounds to lose till I can look at my nude body and not hate it completely.
-I'm starting a fast tomorrow Tyler is gonna let me!
-Went and got a spray it! I look skinnier! he he he
-Ate a lot these last two days... since my test and all. UGG!

Btw Mich I just found it online.. I usually keep my fortunes too but the chinese foor here is shit so I never eat it anymore..Probably for my own good.
B-May I might propose to you!  lmao
Billie Jean-you are so fkn brave by getting on the scales every day and posting body pics.. you're my thinspiration so I'm giving you, and my lovely little monsters here a mini treat.. I pic of me. :) I straightened my hair but this it me, yesterday :)


  1. you are so pretty. i wish i had your arms i can see they are thin and toned. i have tuck shop lady arms lol. yoink... just took that lil message about shoveling food into my gob. it will come in handy im sure. my teeth are fucked too you just reminded me i need to make a dentist appointment. yours look good in the pic. at least they arent yellow. anyways stay strong. xo

  2. You're so gorgeous! Congrats on the weightloss! I hate my dentist! Grr. Keep it up hun <3

  3. omggggg yeyyyy i have finally seen you!!! You are stunning! And you look so thin! Your arms are tiny! Congrats on the loss again thats great babe and thanks so much for calling me your thinspiration, even though you areheaps tinier than me hahahahahaha
    And i love your poster! I have the exact same one above my bed :) Great minds love alike haha xoxoxoxoxo tc babe

  4. oh and i forgot to say that i love that quote about shovelling food into your mouth you fat fuck! omgggggggg i laughed out loud and im at work so i must seem strange lmaoooooo
    Thats gonna be written nce and big and hung on my wall!

  5. oops **greedy fuck** not fat fuck lol

    luv ya girl

  6. Heeeeaps pretty face.

    Good luck with your fast =)


  7. so nice to see your face! you are soo beautiful - truly. tyler is so lucky.
    stay strongxx

  8. i just stumbled on your blog! Your so funny, i love it! and your rather gorgeous XP I love your answer to a slimmer you thingy too^^

  9. You are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Yeah you probably should stay away from the Chinese food if it's bad...

    I'm glad you're pumped about the dentist. I'm TERRIFIED of the dentist. Every time I see him I feel like all my teeth are just going to fall out... I doesn't help that he's a sadist. :/