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Sep 30, 2010

Glitter Knickers

Tyler came home from work today laughing about the fact he found glitter all over his monster junk... He had no idea how it got there till he remembered I was wearing some Victoria secret pink brand panties with glitter writing on the ass. They say Up All Night ;)  They spread glitter all over the towells he used.

So I woke up a 6am to get to school, walked 4 blocks in hurricane like weather.. just to find out my morning class got cancelled.. So I went to the gym to work out, then they rushed everyone into a bunker because there was a tornado warning... So after the shock and awe of the storm life resumed... I worked out finally!

3 Kilometers of  Crosstrainer
7 Kilometers of cycle
2 Kilometers Arm Trainer (new machine!)
Hip Inductions, weights, abs ;)

I hope classes get cancelled tomorrow...

So because everyone agreed...
here's me and my little monster man!
Well not little..  NOT EVEN CLOSE
he he he he
Acting like goofs :) And yes, those are owl footie pajamas...


  1. awww so cute! nice to put an adorable face to the name x

  2. yay for pictures! aand u are so pretty!

  3. Hee lovely! Thanks so much for commenting :)
    hahahah those goofy pics look great :D
    So nice to see.. :)
    You did a kickass workout girl :D
    Good job..

    LOVE, Anna

  4. Hahahaha, cutest post ever!!!
    You guys are so cute!

  5. LOL! glitter! Way to mark your man ;) Congrats on all the working out! I need to get my membership pronto! I love the cross-trainer. It's mah fave :) You guys are so cute! LOL! Stay strong <3