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Jun 10, 2011

Pre-Fast Thin Talk

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Starv.Art- Bows are cute and feminine they remind me of innocence :) And Just for you today's blog will be dedicated to pre-fast methodology :)

Pre Fast 
I've researched this many many times and I've done fasts dozens of times.
First: Are you up to a fast?
When fasting your body is going under a deep amount of distress. When you were born you body was clean and delicate and due to wear and tear it is extremely stressed out. When fasting you have to make sure you are healthy enough to do it.
People who are ill advised to fast are those who are pregnant, have heart conditions, underweight, and have mental disorders. Also those with diabetes. No matter your health seeking medical approval from a licensed physician is recommended.  Also deep mental preparation is needed. All through your life food has been around you and emotion has deep ties to eating..breaking these habits take strength.

The Days Before a Fast:
They say that if you take the time you are going to fast and divide it in half that is the amount of days your should be spending on easing into the fast. For example if you are going to do a 10 day fast take five days to slowly shed certain foods from your diet and for the last two days of the ease in period try to remove food entirely and do a natural juice fast until the water fast.

The reason you should always ease into a fast is because your digestion system takes up so much energy that even after you eat something your digestive system is still breaking it down for around 20 hours! It's putting in work for you all the time every day and unless you've fasted before it has never gotten a break. Immediately stopping such a hectic cycle will cause you to feel sick. And conclusively when you end a fast you should end it almost the same way you started..end fast, juice fast, water based foods, then food.

What happens during extended water fasts?
Well you lose a ton of weight and that will be the most noticeable sign. However, there are many side affects to water fasting. Toxin and Waste disposal- your tongue will have a peeling film, your urine and bowls will change, your skin will seem dirty a lot, you'll have mucus, headaches (at first) and terrible breath. These are happening because your body is addressing the toxins stored in your body. With all the extra energy that isn't being used in your digestion your body is taking that time to fix all your other problems. People have said that during fasts illnesses have been cured and injuries have healed.

I hope that helped you! And here is a FANTASTIC link with more and probably better info:



  1. man look at that lolli pop mouth!!!

    oh to fast, wish i could :(

    best that i don't

  2. Good luck with your fast! It'll feel so good, ridding yourself of all the garbage that builds up in our bodies. And that takes some balls, pulling such a long water fast. I wish I could water fast, but my body just can't take it. :( Liquid fasts are the best I can do.

    I liked the boob-spo!


  3. Thanks for the curve-spo!! Delicious! I am so gay, I know ;)

    I hope you're up for the fast! I'm glad you have done your research, so just be careful. I used to fast a lot too, so I know what happens.

  4. I thank you for the article as well. Very useful. Good luck with your fast!! <3