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Jun 14, 2011

99th Post

Welcome Little Monsters to the 99th Post!

News Flash-Me!
- It is six days till the start of the 30 day fast!
-It is exactly one week till summer!
-My boyfriend comes home tomorrow from his sea trail!
-It's 52 days until my 20th birthday! ( freaking out! )
- And I love all of you

Today is going to be a special post it's the 99th post! 
I'll make my 100th post on the first day of the 30 day fast which will include a video.
Today's issue of mind-blowing glittery eating disordered post will include:
my favorite thinspo just for you, a link to my thinspo tumblr, and one new picture of moi. 

But first... the bad news (optional)
-I have been so terribly lonely lately that all I can do is cry. Ty is always out to sea ( he's in the Navy) I'm beginning to hate the tides for stealing him from me. My family is in crumbles and I'm 3,000 miles away from anyone I know. I don't have any friends other than *Lena and she's too busy for me. So everyday I just sit here and remember the life I once had. I was happy. I had literally hundreds of friends...there were people who wanted to be me. All that has faded...I have faded.

The Link to My Tumblr 

New Picture of Me

Bitchin' Thintastic Thinspo!


  1. you're gorgeous :)
    and stay strong lovely, we're all here for you when times are hard, ♥

  2.'re awesome. And gorgeous, too. But don't be sad! Good luck on the fast <3

  3. You are so beautiful! I wish I was you. I'm sorry about your boyfriend always being gone and you being lonely. If I was near you, I would hang out with you, promise :)

    Also, BOOBS! <3

  4. You're so pretty!! <3

    Sorry about the friend situ. Maybe try finding some weird hobbies or group things where you could meet new people? I've made some pretty good friends with my writing group that I go to once a week. Most of them are old ladies, but I still enjoy it and it gets me out of the house and around nice people for a few hours. :D Distractions are always good for keeping out the Sad. <3


  5. everything will be okay *hugs* it sounds like you have some wonderful things to look forward to. just keep holding on, beautiful