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Jun 6, 2011

Fade back to thin..

I truly want to thank all of you for the lovely comments on my before and after post. I grew strong from those compliments.. That feeling we all strive for, the acceptance and approval I felt that briefly again thanks to all of you. 
To the reader who said he/she (anonymous) said they were jealous...don't be. This last year has been a struggle. It's been nearly 13 months of anorexic thoughts, feelings and behaviors. I will be posting and reading more heavily now that its summer.

Since that last post I fear that I've gained weight.. Not a lot but enough to make me relapse into the worst of things. I am promising not to purge ever again! 

So here I sit at my laptop, smarties, that's his name... 
Just blog reading fading.

Last night I moved Ty's hand from my stomach for the first time in about a month.. He had such a pained look in his eyes.. We are for the first time back to the paradise our relationship used to be at. It's been amazing.
He's in the navy and he's out to sea for the next week and a half... It's heart wrenching.
If you have a military bf or hubby you know the pain... 

Missing him is like a hunger pain.. 
It's deep and resonating and it reminds you of how empty you are without him.

I'm going to be posting videos more and more too. I miss talking to you girls I miss the connection.
Even though I'm never on here I pray for all you girls and think of you often.

Oh btw, I got the Flat Belly Diet book and its very helpful..It's what helped me with the last inch of belly fat I needed to lose..It's very healthy and I recommend it.

I love you all.

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