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May 22, 2011

May pictures!!! anorexia aniversary before and after pics!

Okay that pregnancy scare was the worst thing to happen to me since milky way candy bars.(got my period last night)'s only funny because I'm not pregnant.. lol

So I'm back in VA and it's may and I promised all my readers to hop on the scale and to take new body pics.. Well my mom in OR forced me on the scale so I did..and the number said....

*stilletto roll*

120.7 pounds

But that was the day I started my period 
(which if you read often I gain 4-8 lbs!) 
So I made my goal! 
I lost over 30 pounds in a year!

This is for running shoes,
working out till you get sick, 
ordering salad and diet coke, 
this is for wintergirls, 
this is for us and this is for ME!

The pics at the right are my HW 157-160lbs (THEN), The left is my 120's breakthrough and this is my BIKINI pictures..yup I'm doing the dreadful bikini pics! But I deserve to say that I beat the average. Here it is...


  1. Yay that it was only a scare! And , wow, you look absolutely amazing and so beautiful! :)

    Much Love,

  2. Wow, you look amazing! :)
    Great job!! ^_^

  3. Oh wow!!! You look fabulous!!!! Well done with loosing 30lbs xxx

    keep strong beautiful

  4. *whew* Good to hear it was only a scare! But you are definitely a good thinspiration now! Congrats on your progress! :] xxx

  5. a m a z i n g !! you look beautiful!! :D congrats!! :D keep the good great super incredible work ur doing!! really, ur my inspiration!! can i ask since its the first time im like visiting ur blog, what are all those hospital pictures about!??? :c sorry if my question s like... agressive...

  6. yay! I am so extremely proud of you! You're such an inspiration to me =)

  7. thank you for this post, you have inspired me ten fold.
    i adore you xxx

  8. You look gorgeous :D THINSPO!

  9. YAY! 1. Congrats on not being pregnant. 2. Congrats on the 30 lbs weightloss! I'm so happy for you :)

  10. Congrats!!! love the pics, so thinspiring :)

  11. I wish I wouldnt be so jealous :-(

  12. ohmygosh that's awesome! CONGRATS!!! :)