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Jun 9, 2011

Preparations of Summer Fast

Hello little monsters!

I've just finished reading so many of your blogs!
Today has been kinda blah..this whole summer has.
-My brother knocked up an idiot and she's keeping the demon seed baby.
-My moms pill addiction remains a terrifying steady high. Though no matter how doped she was she didn't forget to mention how skinny I was... all the fucking time. 
I love her, still.
So I'm happyish okay with my weight but I want to do an experiment...
I want to do a 30 day fast

I want to do it for a self discovery thing..ish
Its not even about weight really although hell, who am I kidding, its a bonus.

I watched this lady on youtube do a 40 day fast and she did it to bring herself closer to God which I can respect but this fast will not be about God.
I want to see how the body works and responds to the withdrawls of food and learn how to reset my metabolism and cravings. I heard that after prolonged fasts the person can change, in their favor, how they eat and how they view eating.

So starting June 20th I will embark on such a fast and VLOG it everyday. I am calorie/fat restricting till the 15th then doing a proper preparation for 5 days. The fast till the 20th of July. I have people that will be helping me along the way but you all can help me.
I'm excited.
Well little monsters here is some kick ass thinspo...


P.S- I miss you all.


  1. Good luck on the fast! I think that sounds really interesting, and it would be cool to learn more about how the body works that way. I think that is also a healthier way to stay focused on the fast...I'll be reading your blog daily :)

  2. I miss you too! I have totally seen that video on YouTube about the lady who did the 40 day fast. Be careful though, because she looks a bit scary at the end. I hope this helps you find what you're looking for!

    Also, you know how I know that I'm pretty recovered? Instead of looking at those girls' bones (in the thinspo), I'm looking at their boobs. And butts. That pic right before the "Save the Whales" one is SEXYYYYY. DAMN. I also LOVE the one right after the whales one, about eating sexy beasts. F YES!

    Love ya!

  3. You were first blog I ever followed, I was ever so impressed and still am. I low your writing style and I love the way you come across.
    Thank you so much for your support, I shall support you in turn.
    The Thinspo is amazing and I hope you are feeling ok. I'm glad you feel happy with yourweight at the moment, even though your life seems hectic.
    Love Anafly

  4. I've never really done bows but you know what? I'm gonna try it since you suggested it, who knows? Maybe I'll take to it ^.^
    Would you mind telling me about your fast prep? I've never done more than 2 days :/ I really want to start getting longer, lol not jumping into a 30 day (wow btw, best of luck!) but I want to do a week next month or maybe end of this one.. anyway, I've never really been sure how to prep for it :/ help?
    That peta ad is my favorite ad ever.

  5. Beautiful thinspo.
    And good luck with the fast!
    we're all here right behind you cheering you on!
    you can do itt :D

  6. Bummer about your brother. :/ But still, you're going to be an auntie!! That's exciting, so congrats!

    It's good you're fasting for reasons other than just weight loss. And definitely good you're doing so much research on it first!