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Dec 21, 2010

Happier Post

 Thank you all for the support on that last post. I've missed you little monsters. I'm slowly nearing my 100th post which is exciting when I get to post 100 I'll do a full before and after.. I know most of you have seen my progress but I'm gonna post a progress page on here for you all. 

I had a fat day. I hit prolly 1100 calories. I had a waffle and some chicken & broccolii. :(  
I tried talking to Ty today to talk about my ED because it's getting worse... perhaps worse than I'll admit. 
He promised to help me so I've set out a diet plan with a goal plan too. He said he'll help me stay on track. I'm gonna post all this tonight on my page and I'd love you monsters to give me input.

-I'm actually excited for christmas this year. Tyler is being amazing about it all.

-I purged this morning cause I ate cereal. It was lucky charms. It wasn't entirely on purpose I felt sick...but I felt sick because I ate.

-I have new followers so hello ladies! 

-A friend of ty came over and I mentioned I was too heavy or something and he said "what are you like 100 lbs?" I was so happy! I only fkn wish!

-I'm gonna make these other pages for everyone here and then read 5 more blogs! Much love Stay strong and think thin! Here's some thinspo for ya. It's good stuff!



  1. dw about the fat day - it has come and gone and will never return!! whenever you talk about how supportive tyler is it amazes me...hang on to him!

  2. thats not to bad of a day sugar

  3. Tyler sis just so sweet. You will reach your goal weight! *Hugz*

  4. Lucky Charms were invented by Satan hisself. It says so on the box. (Or at least, it should.)

    Don't worry, hun--1100 isn't too horrendous. Not a binge, anyway.

    Tyler sounds like a sweetheart. <3