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Dec 24, 2010

Christmas eve and Glitter

I know I post way too many blog posts with the word glitter in it. But... I can't help it I love glitter. The reason its in the post is because I just painted my nails and they are glittery

This will be short simple and to the point :)
Because I'm awesome and you're awesome.

-I'm negative 150 calories today. (Gym time!)
-My cheeks are sinking in again and my face is looking thin (yes!)
-Ty's mom will be here in two hours! Wish me luck on meeting her!!
-I wish you all a merry christmas.

My christmas dinner:
-Ham (low cal thank god)
-Sweet potatoes (low cal and fibery thank god again...)
-a slice of pumpkin bread
I'm hoping to keep today under 100 calories. Christmas is going to be around 800 I can already tell. I'm not worried because Tyler promised to take me to the gym on Monday for as long as I want. (three hours!) Besides I'm monster mashing with Tyler tonight so I'll be burning more cals lmao.

-Here is some lovely thinspo for you gorgeous little monsters!

Thinspo Time!

Kesha rules because glitter rules.


  1. You always post such amazing thinspo. I love glitter too. When I'm shopping, if I see anything glittery, I run to it XD
    Good luck tomorrow. I admire how you're facing tomorrow with an open mind, yet controlled mind. You're such a good texting buddy! <3
    stay superstrong!
    -Molly <3

  2. Woo! Glitter! My nails are black, though.
    Woah, amazing intake. Happy about your progress, too. Good luck meeting Tyler's mom! I know you'll make a GREAT impression :) Everything seems to going great so keep up the great work and have a very merry christmas <3

  3. ur christmas dinner sounds good! good luck meeting tyler's mum i'm sure she'll love you
    stay strong xx

  4. Good luck with the MIl and Merry Christmas to you!!