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Dec 23, 2010

FML.. Fat Ass.

I tossed on my once lose size 7 hollister jeans...I mention hollister because they  are of few brands that use pure denim instead of spandexy shit...The legs are still loosy but I looked in the mirror and my ass had grown. I mean nicki minaj lookin shit... Nothing against NM but for me it's not fkn okay!


So I've had 500 ish calories to day..

Sip of coffee-5 cals
2 Red magic pills- 0 cals
Master Cleanse 25 cals
Special K bar- 90 cals
A lick of pumpkin batter- 100 cals
Oatmeal- 100 cals.

So it's obvious that I'm not eating anymore today.
I'm going jogging tonight untill my ass is gone. 5-10 miles seems like a good estimate.

Ty's mom is coming over tomorrow night so I've been preparation. Which means food in the house. Fuck.

I think I need to commit to running every fuckin day like a fat ass such as myself should.

I'm also drinking master cleanse all night tonight and tomorrow until his mom gets here then I'll nibble something. Once she leaves I'm master cleansing again. I love the taste of this crap.

Im so fkn huge.
So fkn fat.
I told ty today that I was so sorry that I was fat. And I bawled.

Size 5 is nice..its tight. I want size three.

I wanna be 34-24-35...I'm 35-25-37.5 EW


  1. It's ok... 500 isnt too bad. You'll burn it off. It's so hard for us because we always lose, then gain, then lose again. But we have to be consistant for it to take the effect we want and deserve. You'll do great. Keep it up.
    Stay Superstrong!
    -Molly <3

  2. im so envious of your running
    ive never been able to run
    im just not built for it (read as being fat=huge tits= no running for M)
    but id bet your legs will be oh so very sexy if you make it a habit

  3. 500 is a good intake hun - don't be down about it. i wish i could run but i just hate it and am a fail at it...
    stay strong x

  4. Hey!

    Stay strong I know you can do it though I would recommend a different kind of cardio as running will make your ass muscle stronger and bigger. I have no ass what so ever and when I run, it firms it up and make it look slightly bigger.
    My two cents in this subject.

    Lots of love

  5. I miss running. I should start it again.

    Don't be too down.

    Merry Christmas xxx