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Jul 28, 2010

Fasting yay..fuck

Ok so I'll get the embarassing shit out now.
My mom called me a few days ago and left a message on my celly tellin me she had found my favorite purge bucket hidden in my room! OMG Right!
I was as embarassed as a nun getting caught giving head!
On another note my boyfriend Ty ended up getting the day off for my birthday and the day after which is my wedding anniversary.                                              AWKWARD.
I have cellulite.I lost a couple pounds! hooray! But...
Yes the dreadful "but..."                                        I'm still a fatty.

I got hit on yesterday some guy asked for my number and wanted to party with me and I told him I was a lesbian.. Which I'm totally not.
If you said "Dicks?"           I'd say "I'm all for 'em!"
p.s- Cindy Crawford equals womanly perfection!
So I'm fasting again please give me strength to do it! Oh and Enrique Englasis wins the eye candy of the week! Nom nom nom. Ladies Eat up ;)

So everyone who's your favorite singers/bands?


  1. hahah I USE THE LESBIAN LINE ALL THE TIME.... it works haha, unless they ask you to prove it (but u may like that haha)

    eeeep was it ok with your mum even though she found the bucket???

  2. Hahahaha I just might like it! bahaha jk!

    Umm she's always known about my ED issues I think she wasn't that surprised actually.