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Jul 30, 2010

Diet Pills/My body

Fuck... Obviously you can't see this but I just deleted the first paragraph of this blog accidentally. Fuck....
I really hate repeating myself.
Grr. Anyways I've always taking diet pills since I was 15 years old: everything from Slimage to Hydroxycut. And now again I'll be taking another, this time I'm taking Lida Meitizang. So far its awesome. No jitters and not hungry at all.
So I'll post my weight loss with each blog :) Wish me luck. Ooo Bring it on is on tv. :)

By the way Michael Jackson is the ULTIMATE. When I say that I mean ULTIMATE EVERYTHING.
So I weighed myself today and was disgusted to see that it was 144 pounds. At 5'7'' that's gross.
True I have some wonderfully massive tits which seriously must weight at least 5 pounds a piece.. still.
I ate: One oatmeal packet-120cals, Steak pieces- 500cals, Gum 3cals
Rounding up total Calories are 675

This is me btw. Those jeans are size 29 for true religion jeans.

38-26-40 im gonna be 34-24-36 and 120lbs

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  1. you look like such a babe from behind!! ;) hahah You don't look like what you say you weigh!! I'm the same with the boobs, apparently I am a 10E. LOL GAHHHH HUGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEE BITCH. HAHA.
    We weigh the same too- I'm 5 10 i think!!