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Jul 26, 2011

Dollar Bills and Sweat

To repeat what I said last post: you girls fucking rule.
The acceptance I feel from you all makes me so happy!

Since none of my readers are pole dancers let me make a little list of slang words.

It's Pole Dancer Dictionary Time!

Make it Rain- means a man throws a fist full of cash on you when you are dancing.
Make it Thunder- man throws so much cash it covers the whole stage
Gogo Dancer- A dancer who dances, usually on a pole, for cash but does not strip, she is covering all major areas: tits, ass crack, vajayjay.
Hustle the floor- talking to the customers between sets to try to get them to buy you: drinks, gifts, tip more, and buy private dances.
Floor Work- dancing the the floor of the stage, shaking your ass, spreading your legs, crawling sexually, and winking at tippers.
Sets- The time you are dancing..usually 1-4 songs.
Butterlying- sewing the back of your panties to make them smaller..looks like wings,
Pole Tricks- being on the pole and acrobatically manuevering yourself around it to fascinate the crowd.
Cashing In- Taking your ones to the bar and exchanging them for bigger bills.

So tuesday will make it a full week of stripping..and im up to about $400 dollars in tips. Although I took two days off...
So i've worked 4 days... about 100$ a night on average.

I'm having a great time.. I love the girls there and the atmosphere. I think working there is helping me so much.. The money isn't the best part of working there.. you have men buying you drinks all night, telling you how beautiful you every night and you get to dress up and dance your ass off.

True enough you do get a heinous amount of bruises
                           but for 100$ a night who wouldn't endure that?!

Another plus side is that I work nights... so 10-2 im working I get home and clean up, go to bed...wake up, get ready and go back to work. I have no time to eat a ton! I eat less than "normal" and work out more than I ever have. The celllulite in my legs is almost gone! its amazing!

I have a regular now ;) He's this buff puerto rican from New Jersey lol he always spends at least 50$ on me a night.

Hopefully I'll buy those red pills again and lose more weight... I'm tone now but I want to lost ten more pounds...just in my stomach lol.

There is a dancer there who is wonderfully tiny... I envy her body. and she's had kids! she is like 90lbs... love her!
Anyways I've got to do laundry :)
And yes I'll post pics of my outfits soon!


  1. I wish I had the strength and body and confidence to do that. I'm slightly (very) jealous... You'll lose 10 lbs in no time.

  2. your posts are so positive lately then are even putting a smile on my face lol...keep up the hard work and exactly what are the red pills called you are talking about. I have not found any that work for me?

  3. you seem so positive atm, i'm happy for you, :) xx

  4. Good for you! A job that you love and let you work out too. You will no time be totally toned and even more sexy! Yes to the pictures.

  5. Your job sounds amazing! I'm envious that you have the confidence to do it :) YOU'RE AWESOME!!

  6. it's good that you have so much fun!

    with a busy day like that, you will loose 10 pounds in no time

    stay strong! and stay sexy :D

  7. I envy your job!! You get paid to work out!!
    Stay sexy pretty lady!!

  8. Gah! You make me wanna be a dancer now HAHA! Congrats again, boo :)

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