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Oct 8, 2010

Skinny, Sick, Sad

Lovelybones- Ha ha ha  I loved you comment..It's so true and I'd love to say that to someone!

-I'm slowly shrinking but I'm so damn imaptient!
-I can see my hipbones better!
-I started drawing again but all I draw is skinny people... hmmm
-I almost have a complete gap between my thighs!

-I'm so fucking sick, I don't know what the fuck it is but this little monster is sickers!
-On the plus side it made me throw up.
-Plus side also: I don't have to eat still, and I skipped school!

-My chem grade dropped to a B+..
-I didn't workout yesterday cause I was so damn sick,
-I never have time to be with tyler.. I'm afraid he'll forget why we got together or something, or forget me.. we only see eachother for 4 hours then we go to bed pretty much. And financially we are so stressed. He works so hard, and provides for me. I love him for all his hard work. I need to find a way to prove it to him.

I gotta clean the apartment, and try to make my man super proud.. get all dressed up for him too. I also gotta do homework and pull all A's so that I can graduate college and get accepted to nursing school next year so that I can get a great nursing job so HE can kick his feet up while I provide for him and treat him like the Prince he is. I love you girls.. BTW I'll be posting new body shots on the 21st like I promised! Ribs and hipbones! we can only hope!
xoxoxoxo-bye bye monsters! TTYL



  1. Hahah I'm glad you enjoyed that :) it's exactly how I feel.

    And wow, your boyfriend situation sounds semi-similar to mine, where I feel like I need to treat him so much better than what I can right now! I wish I didnt live in fricken residence so I could cook and clean for him. I love him, ahhh.

    Im excited for your progress!! and your pictures too, you're going to look daaamn fine.

  2. haha the way to a man's heart is through his stomach love. Cook him dinner!

    Love the thinspo. Can't wait for your pics!

  3. can't wait to see your pics!! i'm sure you'll look wonderful.
    i hope you feel better soon...although the weight loss part of being sick is a fabulous side effect :-) xx

  4. Being sick just makes everything worse. im sure you will be less stressed when you get better. ooh pics i cant wait to see how sexily skinny you are. i bet there will be ribs and hips to the max. xo

  5. I love couple thinspo with hot blondes. I've missed you

  6. That's awesome that you almost have a gap! I hope you get well soon...I personally get a sick satisfaction out of getting ill, but all I seem to catch is a cold...the flu is much better with regards to weight loss, which is probably why I keep refusing to get a flu shot. I should shut up now because I'm being disturbing...

    Lovely pictures though! :)

  7. Great thinspo! You're lucky about the almost-gap. That's lovely!