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Oct 6, 2010

Haters make me Famous

I hate it when people are eitherjealous of hypocrites and become haters.
Well fortunately I'm fucked up enough to embrace haters.
They say shit like it's gonna phase me.
Once you start living your life by your own rules everyone else hates you for it.
Well fuck thier couch!
Stop Sippin on Your Haterade
-So you know how I told you all that I have a friend of mine who went anorexic and just got out of rehab right? Well the other day on facebook (root of all hating) I posted a status saying that I got a new dress, and I was a new size and it was a great day. Well she posts on it saying she really dislikes the new size and how there is no excuse for what I'm doing (so now everyone fkn knows about my ED) then I post back that she had no excuse either. She msg'd me all high and mighty fresh out of rehab saying how wrong I am and that she nearly died. I bitched her out saying that I've been in IP, support groups, etc and that she should know better than most that ED's aren't a game you can tap out of all the time. Then to make matters worse my old cheer partner commented on my picture saying i've changed (not for the good) because she thinks I'm too skinny and shit. Both of these girl used to rub it in my face about how perfect they were and now that I'm skinnier and happy they are haters! WTfuckityF!

Thin Talk Time

  • I found a dress on sale at H&M that was to die for! (only $15) but it only came in size sm, and xs. Tyler told me to try on the small (which i didn't want to do because when smaller sizes dont fit I wanna die) So I went to the dressing room and put it on, opened the door to show Ty and his jaw dropped! It fit perfectly! and DAMN does it look good!
  • Just liquids..
  • I'm sick (yay! that sounds fucked up i know but I always loose weight when I'm sick!)
Let's Get Physical
  • Went to the gym yesterday and worked out from 10:30- 12:30, then an excersise class till 1:30!
  • 6 Miles on the cycle
  • 2 Miles with the arm chest press cycle
  • Hip inductions, inner and outer
  • Quads and arms
  • Ciruit Training class (all cardio, part kick boxing, part pilates part bootcamp!) for one hour straight including a thirty minute intense ab workout! Then walked two miles with my new bestie.
  • Tanned for 20mins in the new sun angel tanning bed. Walked another two miles. :)
-Now im sore and sick. It's gonna be water, fresh fruit smoothie, and broth for me today ;)

-My new bestie is amazing! Let's call her Lena. (from Sisterhood of the Traveling pants lmao) Anyways she's a bitch just like I am! We both: have military beaus, brunette, hate cellulite & both love working out and staying thin! She's not ana, but she's def got some tendencies. We tan together, thin talk and pretty much rule. Lena is the athletic body type, not muscular but you would think that she does track. I think she said she's 127 lbs & a size 3/5 almost just like me although she is tinier in curves but she is also taller I think. Girls, do you know what this means?! It means I'm getting a perfect body (eventually!), have perfect man and a perfect new bestie!

-Oh and I aced those fkn tests so I'm a perfect student too! Now just to get to 115 before the year ends!!! I love you girls! xoxoxo stay strong, stay thin and stay BAD!



Please keep me motivated!!!


  1. i'm so sorry about those girls! it seems like the world WANTS us to be fat! you seem to have the right idea and your head on straight though, go girl! and i'm so happy to hear everything is going so well for yoU! stay gorgeous <3

  2. That's so messed up! I hate it when people think they have the authority to blow your spot like that! They just don't want to see anyone they know get thinner than them... Don't let them bring you down girl! Congrats on the small dress! BTW, you are so lucky to have a boyfriend that actually enjoys shopping with you!

  3. I hate hearing Im too thin. No, Im not. You're too fat. Yeah, now you look pissed. Now you know how I feel.

    Gahh. Its not acceptable for me to tell someone to put down the cheeseburger and hit the gym cause they're overweight.. so WHY is it acceptable for something to tell me to eat a cheeseburger and skip the gym?? This world is messed, I know what you're feeling.

  4. and by something, i meant someone haha.

  5. Wow..the ways in which people change. They just want to put you down because you're feeling up. Don't bother with them. Like you said: They're jealous of you awesomeness and want a piece of that. :P

    OMG H&M rules! The stuff there is lovely cheap! :) Congrats on the size small hun! Your life is becoming perfect. Keep it up sweetie <3

  6. ah i love it when that happens! i can't wait to try on a tiny size and see it fit - even be loose :P
    that's so annoying about the girl...i bet she's seriously jealous and just trying to get you down. don't worry about it coz you're doing what she can't and succeeding :P

  7. im so happy for your great mood! Yey for all the things going right for you babes and fuck the haters! xoxoxoxo

  8. Good on you for staying strong despite what other people say. Realistically, it's important not to go "too far" but otherwise it sounds like you're doing really well. Oh, and I love the name Lena, and her character in the book, and your friend Lena sounds awesome :) I wish so badly I had a friend IRL who could help/motivate me with this stuff.

  9. It's like there's no right answer - you're not allowed to be overweight or thin, then what the heck are we supposed to be?! I feel like somewhere, I missed the middle when you're just normal. Does that exist?
    Don't let those girls get you down! Keep shopping!! :D

  10. Such a great post! I'm glad so much is going well. Too bad about the friend thing. I mean, she's probably just concerned, but it's still inappropriate of her to do that! Hopefully things work out.