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Oct 21, 2010

Before and Afters/Kesha

Gah I'm $uper $tressed out there is so much to do! I fasted yesterday and 
I have to eat today because tonight is the ke$ha concert (yayayaya)
I want to be awake for it! 

I promise to party hard!
Cover myself in glitter...thin $parkly glitter.
BTW I fucking love ke$ha..because her IDGAF attitude is wonderful lol especially when I'm pissed off. 

-I have to much homework... too much fat. 
But... A promise is a promise and I'm posting my before and after pics... 
IDK if there is a difference. I'll leave it up to you little monsters to decide. 
The before pics were in july/aug... when I got back to my fat weight (14ish),
since I went home and my mother shoved food down my throat took care of me, 
and then the car crash and I was bed ridden for three weeks! (no exercise FML) 
The "afters" are an hour ago.  -excuse my hair I just woke up! lmao.

BEFORE (fat..notice my arms...gross... no hips bones..collar bones or ribs)

I'm so sorry if you guys are getting grossed out about these... :( FML

Afters ( 10/21/10) at least I see some bones... but still seems pointless.
I used to fill this bra to the brim.. now is lose and awkward..


without a dout my the collar bones

grrr i want more ribs!

still have the "donut" belly. at least the thighs dont wobble as much... 

So girls, I'll read and comment all your blogs later and tell you how the concert went.
Tell me about my Before and 100% honest please...
And in my next blog I'll answer everyones q's from the last post.. love you all.
and I super miss you guys!!!




    please tell me every detail about the concert!!!!!

    Defs a difference! I can see it around your arms and chest- collar bones looking amazing!

    You are going to be epic!!!!!!!


  2. Girl...big or small, you are fucking hott.
    I was not grossed out at all, but you're progress is amazing!! I'm so happy for you! You're doing great. Keep it up <3

  3. SUCH GOOD PROGRESS. girl, this is totally something to be proud of. You're a beaut. Dont doubt yourself so much hun.

  4. the progress is AMAZING!!!!!! so so so inspiring. i hope to god that i can have pics like yours one day :)
    have fun at the concert hun! x

  5. ok to be 100% honest and i gotta say now im really sorry for saying this.... but u did want the truth.... u look.... HAWT! lols
    the progress is amazing and i have no doubts ull be able to keep them up!!!

    i cant get over how good u look!
    stay strong and beautiful!

    -sincerely ur friend happiness <3

  6. wow. I can definitely see a difference ! You are looking so good and your stomach is getting pretty flat so stop all the donught talk ;)

    Keep it up ! I'm seriously motivated now, so thanks :)



  7. You look great girl!!! Keep up the good work!!!! Totally an inspiration for me!!!! Have fun at the concert!!!

  8. omgggggggg you have lost HEAPSSSSSSSSSSS you look fantastic!!!! you are tiny babe! Keepup the great work....

    And have a good time at the concert babe, you deserve it!

  9. you. are. sexy.
    no joke!
    and there is defs a difference!!
    AHHH have fun at kesha!!!!

  10. Your after picks are, simply put, AMAZING!!!!

    And I hope you have an awesome time at the concert! I've never been to a concert before really, so I'm super jealous...