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Sep 21, 2010

And the Winner is...

 Thinner Talk and then Winner Talk!
I don't know if all you lovely little monsters know my ED history but I'll give you a brief glimpse:
I was a pretty skinny girl growing up, then hit puberty over night...
(seriously, flat chest to 32B in one summer!)
I could not understand that I had to wear bigger clothes, I didn't want the changes that fast! 
So many girls were tiny and perfect.. I started hating my body more than I usually did.
Became anorexic, then had body/mental breakdown was in IP, then released & recovered. 
Last November EDNOS crept in. I know I'm not bulimic because I don't fit it. 
I purge like once a month. In June it was everyday. I'd rather starve, 
and lately I'm thinking it's drifting from EDNOS into anorexia again. 
Slowly but it's feeling that way. 
I don't know what to think.
I don't know what to feel

Last nights dinner:
 I had a jello, and a rice cake and water.. 
The calories yesterday didn't even hit 200 calories, and I didn't suffer at all either.
Then woke up feeling fine. Had a half of a yogurt (50), Half a rice cake (25)
Sociology class, then drank most of a tall skinny iced latte (50)
And a jello (10)
I'll  have a rice cake for dinner..or a jello. I worked out for an hour like a maniac!

-The Snogging Snack Time Winner IS!!-
(Stiletto roll!!!)

Yes I've seductively, secretly, obnoxiously,
loudly, mysteriously, wrongly, amazingly, 
exquitely, passionately, intoxicatingly, rudely,
lovingly, selfishly, wonderfully, spontaneously, 
magically, and memorably KISSED 30 GUYS!

-Since you snagged my snog snack secret (try saying that five times fast!)
  I'll answer your question:

How many men have I Slept with/done the Monster Mash with? ;)
The answer is 5!
(Which just so happens to be my lucky number too!)

p.s- This was fun :) we should do this like once a week!
My size seven jeans are loosening already!
I really appreciate all of you.
You're my besties!


  1. Yay b-may! I commented today :| LOL I'm so late

    You are a great writer, like many of these bloggers. I don;t know why you girls are authors! I would definitely buy your books! <3

  2. i love your posts! they're so happy :) stiletto roll = LOL.

  3. Hahahaha, this made me smile! :)
    Woo for B-May!

  4. Yay for jeans loosening!

    I hit puberty overnight as well - went from one of those tiny kids who looks malnourished, to a busty behemoth.

  5. puberty sux bums! i hit it really early and was bigger than everyone. lol the monster mash... u crack me up. xo