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Aug 25, 2010

School & Snakes on a Plane.

So I start school in one week! Here's my schedule: 
 Chemistry 105/106
Sociology 201
Theater & Audience 
Statistics 130
Chem Lab (grr)
Eng 201
Yeah so that is 16 credits... 12 is full time and 18 is overload so 16 is a frantic medium I suppose. And yeah thats my school campus. Right on the bay ;) By the way this is where I live:

Anywhoozle I'mma go to the gym today. Oh yea about the Snakes on a Plane part.. 
Shit I suck at blogs.. 
Well my boyfriend's Granny is sick and might not make it through the month so I'm flying with him to Tennessee because he wants me to meet her before she passes. He's so sweet! So southern and perfect.. yum. ANYWAYS he he (I'm sorry I just love him so fucking much!) So I'm gonna meet his whole family! AH! I'm scared, not about making a good impression because that hope flew out the window when they heard we both cheated on our partners to be together...I'm more scared because they are all southern cooks which means the "F" word.
Like I said earlier I'm going to the gym, and still taking lida..might continue fasting... I missed you girls! By the way everyone say a prayer to Michael Jackson on sunday.. It would have been his birthday. My bf played dirty diana for me this morning... omg he is perfect!  

p.s- I'm excited for school because I'm gonna be a rockstar little monster! 
Oh Ava btw it was a total Gaga refrence..I'm goo goo for gaga.  
School is gonna be the highlight of my life. I'mm live it up!

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  1. eeeee gaga!! LOVE HER. Have u been to the monster ball?? she was back here in march..amaaaaaaaazing.
    great tip about the coconut water, I always need something sweet- i'll go on a hunt for it!!!
    yayy your taking a theatre subject!!!
    wherever u live looks beautiful ps!!