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Jun 27, 2011

Computer broke...

I'm still fasting but I got really sick after those laxies...

I probably shouldn't have taken six.

I had an unsweetened tea the next day to help so it wasn't water. :(

I've walked sooo much I'm sore and tired.

To top it all off Ty and I haven't been doing well.
I've been holding this relationship for a couple months.
He works everyday and when he comes hom he's so tired that
all he wants is to sleep, eat, shower and have sex.
Which is typical for men but I give so much that
I just want him to hang out or be interested in me..

I hurt.
My body hurts.
My heart aches.
I hurt.


  1. I'm sorry you're having a rough time. <3

    Unsweetened tea still counts as water, I think!

    Hope things work out with Ty. You deserve to be happy! xoxo

  2. Don't feel bad :(
    Things will get better in the end,
    just give it some time...
    and don't push yourself too hard
    stay strong(:

  3. Be careful hun. I'm worried about you :(

  4. Hey Sweets,
    Just wanted to let you know I still read all your posts even though I deleted my blog (my journey to thin). I am very proud of you, your doing great.