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Jun 30, 2011


The day after the last post I got really sick..
Ty suggested I eat some I did and since I've been eating.
I feel huge and disguting.

I am pathetic.


  1. You're not pathetic! You were sick. Feel better love. You can still lose weight while eating. I'm still proud of you anyway <3

  2. YOU ARE NOT PATHETIC!!! It's ok, you aren't a failure, or huge, or disgusting. I'm so glad you decided to take care of yourself by eating. Being sick and not eating are not good together. I love you!

  3. My sweetheart. You are NOT a failure.
    If anything, you've gone on longer than most of us ever would've! <3
    You were SICK.
    I never ever even diet well enough when I'm sick.
    You are not fat nor disgusting.
    In fact, WE LOVE YOU.
    xxx signed, Sammy.

  4. You are not pathetic. You are incredible and wonderful and strong and beautiful and amazing and loved by so, so many. Keep your chin up - you can only see the stars when it's dark.
    Love, me

  5. You were sick, your body needed the nutrients.