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Jun 28, 2010

Back to the Bullshit.

So I'm back in Virginia...
Oregon was AMAZING but I swear to god it sucked. The first day I got home the weather was like having your first kiss with a cigarette smoker...just not pleasant at all.

Then it got sunny and hot and I spent the first three days naked tanning in my back yard.. Which in Oregon you can do because no one really complains. Besides my neighbors are legit about it.. One neighbor is a gay male couple, flamers... then there is a retired couple behind me and my friend to the other side of me..but he's an 19 year old hotty in the 21st century I'm sure he's seen many of naked women before.. 
So whatever.
My mom was great and then again she wasn't. 
She said I was too skinny..then the next week she bought me a shirt size XL becuase she "thought it would fit" I'm a small/medium....So its obvious that I purged that day. 
Actually I purged almost every single day.
I went jogging often but I missed the comfort of the gym.
Oh it's been a year since Michael Jackson died... R.I.P. I seriously talked about him everywhere I went. If he was an STD I infected like a billion people.
So I found out none of my "guy friends" are actually friends... 
Like if I had nuts, they'd want my nuts. I'm pissed because now I have no guy friends really. :( 
Oh so my husband and I are separated and I'm moving out... Or at least I'm pretty sure that I am... I'll be moving in with Ty. I'm prolly make a huge fucking mistake. Fuck I'm so stupid.


I saw Family and friends and shit and got fat... I'm in a shitty mood so imma write later.

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