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Jun 21, 2011

Fasting day 2. Short post!

Thanks for all the support!
So far so good. I didn't feel good AT ALL yesterday but today I'm doing fine!

Nothing but water! So zero calories yesterday and today!

Day two is usually easier than day on so this was expected. I'm not posting a video today because my apartment furniture arrived so I'm setting up stuff all day!

Love you all! Keep my strong!


p.s- isn't that girl beautiful! ENVY!


  1. Keep going!
    I know You can do it.
    That girl is awesome!!
    Stay Strong Baby

  2. wow, respect to you for doing a 30 day fast! I want to do a two week fast eventually, but i'll need to work up to it.
    By the way, that cookie picture you posted with the oreo in it is EVIL. Now I'm going to have that idea running amok in my mind, which will probably result in an inevitable attempt at recreating them.
    ps - I think you look just as beautiful as that girl in the photo!